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What is the different between sales and marketing

sales and marketing are both same when their will be marketing there will be sales .. marketing is to promote Ur product.

What is different between sales and marketing?
in basic terms, marketing includes sales, i.e sales is subset of marketing. Marketing includes PR, promotion, advertising etc which is simplifying a product’s idea into consumers mind where as sales just includes selling of product to customers for satisfying their needs.

share: What is the difference between marketing and sales promotion?
Marketing is everythig you do to create demand and sales, one of which is sales promotion.

share: What is deffrens between sales and marketing?
When marketing you are promoting something, and sales, you’re promoting and/or closing the deal.

share: What is the key difference between the sales era and marketing department era?
The sales process is everything that you do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. However it’s … What is the difference between marketing and sales? … Remember the key to success in marketing and in sales is balance!

share: What is the relationship between purchasing department and sales and marketing department?
the relationship b/w purchasing, marketing and sales

share: What is different between marketing orientation and sale orientation?
Marketing orientation refers to the presentation of products. Sales orientation refers to the sale of products and its target customers.

share: What is the relationship between marketing and sales?
Marketing researches markets and implements advertising to bring in customers for businesses which the sales process begins.

share: What is the difference between a sales manager and a marketing manager?
so first of all, in sales are included in Marketing. Marketing is = Price, Product, Sales and Promotion … sales manager have to manage the salary and it’s proces to sale… Marketing Manager, have to promote the new brends, make advertisements, and etc…

share: What is one difference between sales management and marketing management?
The major difference between sales management and marketing management is that sales management deals with closing the deal and marketing management deals with getting brand awareness out in the business sector so that the products are advertised.

share: What difference between marketing and sales?
Marketing encompasses the act of influencing consumer behavior. Sales uses marketing and elements of marketing (advertising, etc.) to cause the consumer to purchase a product or service and become a customer.

share: What does a hotel sales and marketing person do?
What does marketing sales and marketing person do

share: What is your past experience with sales?
sales is the process of selling goods in any how by the motive of profit there is a difference between sales and marketing

share: Benefits and drawbacks of marketing into the sales organization?
Marketing and sales are two different departments. If you merge the two, then you won’t have the expertise marketing professionals are able to deliver. However, you will save money in the long run.

share: What is the difference between marketing or sales?
sale is a costumers and that buy what you sale and marketing is what you get in the market like food

share: What is difference between sales and marketing?
Marketing is the first & broad step to make sales effective. before making sales marketing plan is prepared and when marketing plan is prepared, 4 P’s i.e. ( Product, Price, Place & Promotion) are used to make marketing effective. Sales of goods is done when buyers buy those goods as per their willingness to buy.

share: Why are you interested in the marketing field?
because there are two different profiles in marketing i.e. sales and marketing and we can asses the relationship with the customers and product how it is doing.

share: Difference between sales and marketing?
Sales is due to an interaction where an exchange is made between a consumer and a business or it’s sales employees. Sales tends to be more personal and face to face or voice (phone sales). Marketing is the art of designing advertisements and media messages to bring the potential consumer to the sales force where the exchange can be made. Exchange usually is in the form of currency from the consumer end. Sales is a… Read More

share: Who owns Acosta Sales and Marketing?
advantage sales and marketing

share: Is sales and marketing the same thing as net sales?
Sales and marketing is the selling and marketing expenses to promote the product while net sales is the sales revenue minus discounts and returns.

share: What the differencies between Sales representative and marketing representative?
The SALES REPRESENTATIVE does the selling of the product while a MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE does the selling by way of promotions and advertisements of the company which sells the product.

share: What is the difference between a hotel director of marketing and director of sales?
Not 100% about this, but to look at the obvious, I’d say that hotel directors of marketing manage/direct the financial aspects of a hotel business, while the director of sales is basically the leader of sales and oversees the sales. (Manager of sales.)

share: What is the relationship between Total Quality Management and sales management?
They are both considered a part of the marketing process. Product sales must appeal to the consumer therefore marketing management is essential.

share: What is the difference between holistic marketing concept and selling marketing concept?
The selling marketing concept focuses on satisfying the needs of customers and based from result of sales products itself. Holistic marketing concept focuses on everything matters with marketing, not only the sales or satisfying the needs of customers but over all.

share: What are the functional areas of two different business organisations and how they link together?
sales & marketing

share: What role does the Internet play in Sales and Marketing?
Interne plays a vital role in sales and marketing as it makes them more near and close .lt also impress the customers by the body design of different sites

share: Difference between marketing executive and sales executive based on their job responsibility?
what is executive

share: What is the difference between marketing and sales?
Marketing is much more broader concept than sales.Sales is a subset of marketing.Marketing not only includes sales but also many other things like advertisemnent,aftersale services along with sales.As far as sales is considered ” sale” is over as goods are transferred from seller to buyer.But marketing stars much earlier than sales and continues even after sales.

share: How much do Director of Sales and Marketing make?
Between 90-230K a year. The average is between 115-185K.

share: What is the difference between a marketing and sales-oriented company?
Marketing Oriented: Company focus primarily on customers needs and wants based on reliable data. Sales Driven Companies: The main objective is sales and customer’s needs are competely ignored

share: What are job descriptions for the sales and marketing?
Sales and marketing tend to go hand in hand when it comes to each other. However, if you are talking about direct sales, then you are talking about a different thing. The first thing you should do is find out what style of marketing and sales you are comfortable with. Are you comfortable with direct sales, telemarketing, advertising, etc. Finding this out will enable you to find out the niche you are most comfortable with… Read More

share: Why marketing is the art of the possible?
Why is marketing the key to the possibility? Marketing is the vision or the plan to see that the product or service sells through different channels. Without a vision for your product or services, there will be no sales.

share: What are differences between MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing?
There are several distinct differences between MBA in finance and MBA in Marketing. Some of the differences between MBA in finance and MBA in marketing are: different programs, and focus on different problems.

share: What is the difference between sales promotion and direct marketing?
Sales promotion is publicity sort after and awareness of the products you have for sale, advertising and such. Direct Marketing is defining your customer base, and targetting them direct on a one to one basis.

share: What is distinguish between Sales era and marketing era?
Supplies exceeded demand for the Sales Era. The marketing era was more about branding and more consumer oriented. Companies seeked to understand and satisfy the needs of customers

share: Is vector marketing a sales arm of the Cutco Corporation?
Yes, vector marketing is a sales arm of the Cutco corporation. The two arms of the Cutco corporation is vector marketing and Cutco cutlery. Vector marketing is a sales group.

share: What is the difference between sales and marketing?
In my opinion, marketing is the art of expanding business, the art of spreading goods and services, following a strategy and action plan based on an advertising base. Sales is following the direct sales operation between customers (consumers) and the merchant (seller) in the magazine, bazzar, or in a mall. Depending on how your organization uses the words, there may be no difference or a big difference. Where there is a big difference, sales is… Read More

share: What is the difference between sale and marketing?
sale is short term where marketing is long term sales is finishing the stock where as marketing is satisfying customer’s need. In Marketing, demand been created and the same been satisfied.

share: Differentiate marketing into selling?
Marketing products leads to their sales. However, the amount of sales that a product gets depends on how efficient its marketing strategy is.

share: Organizational structure of sales and marketing department of a hotel?
In a hotel, a typical sales and marketing department would be run by a director whose job is to train and supervise the sales and marketing teams. These would consist of sales agents and executives.

share: How much can a marketing sales representative make?
The annual income for a marketing sales representative in the United States is between $25,250 to $66,900. The average is right around $40,797. Experience and track record count for a lot in this field.

share: What is the difference between sales and marketing with example?
Sales is a narrow concept. It is Money oriented , whereas Marketing is a broad concept. It is a Money and Customer satisfaction oriented….When customer is satisfied with product only then he’ll purchase that product..

share: What is traditional marketing?
traditional marketing is sales oriented

share: What are the effects of electronic marketing on sales?
limitations of marketing

share: What is the role of sales promotion in Integrated Marketing Communication….?
role of sales promotion in integrated marketing communication

share: What is sales and marketing in short words?
Marketing is not advertising. Marketing is finding out what people want, why they want it and how much they’ll spend. Don’t confuse marketing with advertising. And Sales is sales! It’s converting an inquiry or lead into a contract or shipment. Sales is not market research, business development or advertising.

share: What is the job description of sales and marketing?
People work in sales and marketing work together to get a business’ products on the market. They may design marketing campaigns.

share: What is sales marketing?
Marketing and sales are closely linked to each other. Marketing is considered as a combination of techniques that a business perform to persuade a customer, while sales process are the steps taken to make them to do a purchase.

share: What is network marketing?
Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation. This is known as a network marketing also.

share: What are the main characteristics of a marketing oriented company?
marketing and sales

share: What is the difference between sales and marketing orientation?
I would like to clear above questioner : Sale is Definitely Sell a products into a market which been already created by the Marketing. While marketing is the market Creator.

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