Monetize your website Limray Publisher

Monetize your website Limray Publisher Accounts

  •  Drive the traffic on your website to get more views, clicks & conversion.
  •  Monetize your website when you get a certain number of views/clicks on the ads.
  •  Ad traffic will generate your revenue.
  •  Easy go- Just need to verify your website code.
  •  A solution to earn money online.
  •  You can control the size and placement of ads on your website.

Discover The right audience at the right time

  •  Brand awarenessReach the people you care about most – Build awareness, educate and Influence consumers
  • Promote your BrandDeliver your brand message to relevant and engage the audience through limray ads on thousands of websites
  • Drive performance goalsPromote your app to increase online sales, content views, the Website traffic and more


Exclusive offers for first Payment

  • Pay Rs 500 & Get Rs 500 ExtraUpgrade your account with Rs.500/- where you get total Limray Ads credit to spend Rs.1000/- execute by using the code LMAD500
  • Pay Rs 1000 & Get Rs 1200 ExtraUpgrade your account with Rs.1000/- where you get total Limray Ads credit to spend Rs.2200/- execute by using the code LMAD1000
  • Pay Rs 2000 & Get Rs 3000 ExtraUpgrade your account with Rs.2000/- where you get total Limray Ads credit to spend Rs.5000/- execute by using the code LMAD2000

Get 10M+ daily views on your Ads

Reach to unapproachable and get your brand widespread. Here you make the brand more popular at the very lowest cost.

Your business your budget, set it whatever works for you

Make more than
₹ 70K in a day

Realize the power of your website. Let the clicks make a huge amount. Monetize your website.

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