Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals - Tripura

Ayushman Bharat Hospitals List of – Agartala,Tripura

Ayushman Bharat Hospitals List of – Agartala,Tripura
Ayushman Card or Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) will provide financial protection (Swasthya Suraksha) to 10.74 crore poor, deprived rural families and identified occupational categories of urban workers’ families as per the latest Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) data (approx. 50 crore beneficiaries). It will have offer a benefit cover of Rs. 500,000 per family per year (on a family floater basis).

PM-JAY will cover medical and hospitalization expenses for almost all secondary care and most of tertiary care procedures. PM-JAY has defined 1,350 medical packages covering surgery, medical and day care treatments including medicines, diagnostics and transport.

Under the ambit of Ayushman Bharat, a Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) to reduce the financial burden on poor and vulnerable groups arising out of catastrophic hospital episodes and ensure their access to quality health services was conceived. PM-JAY seeks to accelerate India’s progress towards achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development

List of Hospitals – Tripura

Hospital Name
Hospital Type
Hospital Address
Hospital E-Mail
Hospital Contact
1 Agartala Govt. Medical College & GBP Hospital Public Agartala, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 3812353112
2 Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Public IGM HOSPITAL, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 3812323331
3 Regional Cancer Centre, Agartala Public GB 79 Tilla, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 3812355497
4 Bishalgar Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Bishalghar, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436160454
5 Melagarh Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Melaghar, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612997512
6 Kalyanpur Communiy Health Centre Public Kalyanpur, Khowai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436124240
7 Teliamura Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Teliamura, Khowai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436120413
8 Jirania Community Health Center Public Birendra Nagar, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 8731072541
9 Mohanpur Community Health Centre Public MOHANPUR CHC, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 8118934688
10 Takarjala Communiy Health Centre Public Takarjala, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 8731836944
11 Sonamura Community Health Centre Public Aralia Sonamura, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9862033130
12 Ranirbazar Primary Health Centre Public Devinagar, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9774503572
13 Bamutia Primary Health Centre Public Mohanpur, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436455694
14 Hrishyamukh Community Health Centre Public Hrishyamuk, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436169443
15 South District Hospital Public South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436180833
16 Amarpur Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Amarpur, Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 3821263557
17 Belonia Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Santirbazar South, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 3823222204
18 Sabroom Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Sabroom, South Tripura, TRIPURA drtushar[email protected] 9436938908
19 Tripura Sundari Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Radha Kishore Pur, Gomati, TRIPURA 3821222410
20 Nutanbazar Rural Hospital Public Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 8974841496
21 Ompinagar Rural Hospital Public Ompi Nagar RD Block, Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436470337
22 Manubazar Rural Hospital Public SUKANTAPALLI, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9862698468
23 Nihar Nagar Primary Health Centre Public NIHARNAGAR, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436728846
24 Jolaibari Community Health Centre Public Jolaibari, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436581388
25 Srinagar Community Health Centre Public Srinagar, South Tripura, TRIPURA 8974878887
26 Rajnagar Primary Health Centre Public Rajnagar, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436120448
27 Nalua Primary Health Centre Public Joypur, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9862278391
28 Barpathari Primary Health Centre Public Barpathari, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612653217
29 Kalachara Primary Health Centre Public Bhuratali, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436472764
30 Manubankul Community Health Centre Public Manubankul, South Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9774452270
31 Chawmanu Community Health Centre Public Chawmanu, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612479996
32 Gandacharra Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Gandachara, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 7628007969
33 Dhalai District Hospital Public Purba Nalichara, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 8413843358
34 Manu Community Health Centre Public Manughat, LTV, Dhalai, Tripura, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436128022
35 Bmal Sinha Sub-Divisional Hospital Public KAMALPUR, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436128022
36 Chailengta Sub-Divisional Hospital Public Chailengta, Longthorai valley, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436134785
37 82 Miles Primary Health Centre Public Nalkata, Dhalai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436768464
38 Panisagar Community Health Centre Public Panisagar, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9402523360
39 Kanchanpur Sub-Divisional Hospital Public KANCHANPUR, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612419967
40 North District Hospital Public North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436132416
41 Anandabazar Community Health Centre Public Ananda Bazar, North Tripura- 799271, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612127515
42 Kadamtala Community Health Centre Public kadamtala, Dharmanagar, NOrth Tripura, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436477304
43 Tilthai Primary Health Centre Public Tilthai, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612654678
44 Dasda Primary Health Centre Public DASDA BAZAR, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 8732036892
45 Jalabassa Primary Health Centre Public P.O. Jalabasa, Panisagar, North Tripura, North Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9862172401
46 Kathalia Communiy Health Centre Public KATHALIA SONAMURA , Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436588317
47 Boxanagar Community Health Centre Public Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9402121264
48 Taibandal Primary Health Centre Public Taibandal, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612855516
49 Madhupur Primary Health Centre Public Madhupur , Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9774963281
50 Bishramganja Primary Health Centre Public Bishramganj, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612082460
51 Sukumar Barman Memorial Primary Health Centre Public Jumer Dhepa, Sepahijala, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436472286
52 Chebri Primary Health Centre Public North Chebri, Khowai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9774539872
53 Khowai District Hospital Public HOSPITAL ROAD, KHOWAI, Khowai, TRIPURA [email protected] 9435269184
54 Ramkumar Nairoha Community Health Centre Public Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 9862725020
55 Kakraban Primary Health Centre Public kakraban, Gomati, TRIPURA 9436468502
56 Gomati District Hospital Public Tepania, Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436189937
57 Tulamura Primary Health Centre Public Uttar Tulamura Panchyat, Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 8575391926
58 Maharani Primary Health Centre Public Maharani Bazaar, Gomati, TRIPURA [email protected] 9612904884
59 Kumarghat Rural Hospital Public Kumarghat, Unakoti, TRIPURA [email protected] 8974216599
60 Unakoti District Hospital Public Bagabannagar, Unakoti, TRIPURA [email protected] 8794679073
61 Rajib Gandhi Memorial Hospital Public KAILASHAHAR, Unakoti, TRIPURA [email protected] 9774848161
62 Tripura Medical College Dr BRAM Teaching Hospital Private (For Profit) Hapania, PO ONGC,, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 9436126174
63 ILS Hospitals Agartala Private (For Profit) New Secretariat, Capital Complex, West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 8794050305
64 Kherengbar Community Health Centre Public West Tripura, TRIPURA [email protected] 8794164274

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Ayushman Bharat Hospitals List of – Agartala,Tripura

Eligibility for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

1. Households living in only one room with kucha walls and kucha roof.

2. Households with no adult member between age 16 to 59

3. Female headed households with no adult male member between age 16 to 59

4. Households having at least one disabled member and no able-bodied adult member

5. SC/ST households

6. Landless households deriving major part of their income from manual casual labour

7. Households without shelter

8. Destitute/ living on alms

9. Manual scavenger families

10. Primitive tribal groups

11. Legally released bonded labour

Urban area categories:

• Beggars;

• Rag-pickers;

• Domestic workers;

• Street vendors/cobblers/hawkers/other service providers working on the streets;

• Construction workers/ plumbers/ masons/ labor/ painters/ welders/ security guards/coolies and other head-load workers;

• Sweepers/ sanitation workers/ malis;

• Home-based workers/ artisans/handicrafts workers/ tailors;

• Transport workers/ drivers/ conductors/helpers to drivers and conductors/cart pullers/ rickshaw pullers;

• Shop workers/ assistants/ peons in small establishments/ helpers/ delivery assistants / attendants/ waiters;

• Electricians/ mechanics/ assemblers/repair workers;

• Washer-men/ chowkidars;

• Other work/non-work ;

• Non-work (pension/ rent/ interest, etc.) .

How to Search Online

For the list of Hospitals, Kindly click the below link and Type as follows.


1. Select State

2. Select District

3. Select Hospital Type – Public, Private (Not for Profit) or Private(For Profit)

4. Select Speciality – General Medicine, Paediatric medical management, Neo-natal, Paediatric cancer, Emergency Room Packages, etc ……

5. Enter Captcha as shown

6. Lastly Enter Search.

Now you will get the list of Hospitals which is covered by Ayushman Bharat.

How to Check Eligibility

1. Go to NHA portal and Log in to mera.pmjay.gov.in

2. Enter your mobile number and captcha code.

3. A one-time password will be sent to your mobile number.

4. After entering the OTP, you will be taken to this screen.

5. Select the state: Fill all the fields like name, mobile number, ration card number, or Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna URN number.

6. If your name is there in the list, it will show up on the right-hand side of the page.

7. Click on ‘Family Members’ tab to find the beneficiary details

Required Documents

• Respective special category certificates

• Age proof documents

• Family structure

• Identification details

• Contact information

• Scanned copy of Aadhar

• Income certificate

• Caste certificate




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