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5 years agoBounty Hunter – In Pursuit of His Ex-Wife
“Complications and marriages Let’s Go to Prison Dvd turn in hand” may be the message conveyed in the amusing way through an upcoming movie Bounty Hunter. Bail fugitive investigators are called bounty hunters in legal terms in USA. Starring Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley and Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd, the film assures to attract people in UAE. Action, comedy, romance and mystery, this film includes each genre hence offers to entertain innumerable audiences. You can watch the movie in theater near you 25th March, 2010 onwards.
Milo Boyd can be a Bounty Hunter that’s overwhelmed when he could be used on do his favorite job of chasing his bail jumping ex-wife Nicole Hurley. His assumption that everything ahead gives him easy pay is proved wrong when Nicole escapes out of his reach. Nicole can be a reporter and is also determined to stay out of jail to crack a high profile murder mystery. Both the exes give tough fight to the other person and make that it is hard for audience to predict the winner. Finally both of them finish up in your life and death situation. Now they know that saving lives was tougher than saving their wedded life.
The Film is directed by Andy Tennant who is a popular director, writer, producer and actor. His works will always be appreciated and interests audiences worldwide. People in UAE already are choosing the plot from the movie intriquing, notable and are awaiting its release. Galvanizing performances by the star cast adds excitement and can result in the movie more fun.